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Since the past 20 years, Stockfeed has served in the global market as a project of commercial dairy farming and livestock management. Extending its contributions in the agricultural and livestock department, Stockfeed is now nationally and internationally renowned for its best commercial livestock solutions for the farmers and their animals.

Stockfeed has lifted the standards of organic farming to a whole new level by introducing the concept of Total Mix Ration (TMR) livestock solutions in the field of commercial farming. The livestock management solutions are not only nutritious for the cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, camels and horses but also highly economical for the dairy farm owners. They set the best example of affordability and appropriate technology.

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Why Choose StockFeed

Quality Ingredients

Ingredients used in the feed are purchased after performing tests in a nutrition lab at the feed mill to ensure quality. All products of Stockfeed are free of any animal source(s). Products of Stockfeed are available for all types of dairy and beef animals. Feeds for sheep, goat, horses and camels are available as well.


Commercial Solution Providers

Stockfeed provides best possible commercial solutions for livestock farmers. Feeds of Stockfeed require a feeding transition of 7 days period for beef animals and 20 days transitional period for dairy animals before shifting from any feeding regimen to ‘Stockfeed’ feeding system.



Stockfeed Total Mix Ration (TMR) is in a compact pellet form which reduces the freight charges, thus making it feasible for export market. Moreover, TMR pellet allows the farmers to provide uniform nutrients to each animal of the herd or barn for optimum growth and milk production. Various assignments of Stockfeed products have been exported to Malaysia, UAE and Bangladesh.


Protects Animals from Indigestion

Stockfeed increases the animal intake and production. Stockfeed is easily digestible which protects the animal from indigestion. These feeds have been developed to ensure optimum digestibility of feed with the required size of straw availability in pellets for ruminants.



We provide feed for smaller livestock segments to the larger one, such as Cattle and Sheep.